FJ40 hanged points now not sure what is wrong

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Apr 3, 2007
Newport, NC
I am new to this site but appreciate all the good info. I just picked up a 75 FJ40 and it ran ok but wanted to do a tune up on it. It has the non-USA distributor. Anyway I changed the cap, plugs and wires and started up and ran fine. So anyway I wanted to continue with the rest of the tune up. I now changed the points and set to .018 at the high spot also changed rotor. Now it will not run right at all, I even pulled the distributor and set the points that way so they are right on .018. I am just not now getting good spark at the plugs, cant figure out what happened! I saw a similiar post about this same problem but the resolution was never posted. Any help appreciated.

Make sure the insulator for the lead through the distributor body or the metal dust shield has not moved, causing the power to the points to ground out.

Remove the cap and turn the engine over, watching for spark at the points. You will see a spark at them if your ignition system is functioning properly.

Do you have oil pressure? :)

Make sure the distributor is properly seated in the oil pump...
I will definetly check the insulator, hadnt thought of that one, oil pressure ok, thanks
Checked the insulator, looks good, its just weird the last thing I did was change the points and now it is suking

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