For Sale FJ40 Front Bumpers...

Oct 9, 2008
Lake Arrowhead
Found some FJ40 bumpers to sell....all prices are PLUS shipping.....


The one on the left is an OEM chrome bumper that has been painted over. It has some bends at both ends, but could be chopped for a shorty or straightened out and used. $50 OBO

Second from left is another OEM chrome bumper (hard to tell beneath all the dust and dirt). It is completely straight, but has some minor dings, etc. I don't know what it'll look like when cleaned up, but pretty good :) $125 OBO

Next one over is your basic, stock bumper....completely straight, but with dings and scratches and some surface rust. $75 OBO

Last one (on the right) is a heavy duty winch bumper, probably a Con-ferr unit. It is 3/16" steel and the same length as the OEM bumper. It doesn't appear to have ever been mounted and has some minor surface rust. $125 OBO. Here's a pic of the winch plate bolt pattern:

Thanks! :cheers:

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