fj40 front bumper

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Jul 12, 2003
Cypress, TX
United States
I am selling my front bumper from the 40 and having Shortys Offroad build me a new one. This one has hardly been used (just like the rest of my rig ). I'd like to get $300 for it, but might consider other offers. it does include the roller fairlead, and the shackles. The bumper is VERY beefy, and the bolt holes are designed for bolting up an 8274, although it could be easily modded to accept other models. has a couple of scratches, but a little krylon will sort those out. Could be easily modded to fit a heep, or possibly other vehicles.

College Station, TX. 77840.

shipping to CA was about $30 when i checked it out. Use FedEx for quotes as I have na account with them and they are cheaper than UPS anyway.
dunno...that pic was two suspensions and 3 sets of tires ago :D, but the best one i had of the bumper.
can't think of anything i really need....but whatcha got?? I may consider something
I have enough stuff to build another cruiser, sans tub. I have some body work. I have front disc axles from a 78, with chunks installed. I also have a rear axle from a 78 with chunk installed. I have a couple transfer cases, and 1 or 2 4 speed trannies. Lots of other stuff too.
All I can think of that i would actually *NEED* other than cash, would be a 2F header...or cash. :D

$200 shipped?
I'd just like to say that if anyone else is contemplating buying anything from John W., have no fears. He had the bumper enroute before he even requested payment for it!!. Thanks again John, I may have a few beers myself.

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