FJ40 for Sale In Cleveland

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I looks Purdy.
I have never seen a red one rolling around, There is a white one that I see from time to time, but never a red one.
very nice indeed... Should I pick it up to match my red 60?

Dave - When are you doing the knuckle rebuild?
A restored 1982 FJ40 will on the road soon in the Avon area. I sounds like we should get a group together in the Cleveland area.
Playing with windsheild mount mirrors tomorrow and maybe helping with a bumper on sunday, If my new slide hammer/puller gets in by next weekend I will tackle the rear next weekend, I will have to see how far I get on it.
So tentatively next weekend.
I will supply beer for all those that want to get dirty.
Yeah, I saw this this morning and was going to post it up!!! I might go see this rig next week, if anyone wants to know anything! I am going down to Cbus for police/fire hockey game tomorrow and 311 concert. So i was checking out craigs list down there. Always looking under "TOYOTA" Found a guy with lots of 1st gen truck parts inKirtland !
I just went and took this fj40 for a drive. The guy lives 15 minutes from my inlaws in Cleveland. The hard top leaks at the back rear sill. There is bubbling rust through out the vehicle. No power steering. The doors need weatherstipping. The rear jump seats need to be upholstered. The rear heater does not work. The frame is good, the odometer has 120k. The winch is the nicest thing going for the vehicle. There is diamond plate on the rear corners of the tub. The tires are pretty old and would need to be replaced. The guy claims he paid 5k for it and has put 6 into it. I have no idea how that is possible. I think is it worth 2k to 3k at the most. He said he is going to put it up on ebay and expects to fetch between 6 and 10k. :rolleyes:
Flipping the Bezel would be considered a 2K upgrade would it not...

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