FJ40 fan schroud

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Jan 21, 2022
united states
Hi, new here - and to owning a 1984 (although I think it is 1985 - from latin America) FJ40.

An AC unit was installed, and I noticed that the fan schroud is nowhere to be found. I've been looking for one, and not having success (discontinued or just not available), e.g. SOR does not have it available: FJ40, FJ45 and FJ55 Land Cruiser Radiator, Water Pump, Fan, Fan Clutch, and Hoses - Does anyone have experience with getting such a part that can recommend a place or solution? Can the schroud for older models be installed on a 1984 one?

Hey man

It’s going to be tricky to find one - I’ve been looking for several years globally with no luck. The AC version has an extended shroud, which you could fab up pretty easy with a loop of sheet metal I reckon, you just need to make sure when you find one that it is for the correct series and isn’t going to interfere with the fan/belts/radiator etc, and all lines up.
I’ve been looking for several years globally with no luck
Yikes. They are getting rare. You might get lucky with a wanted in the mud classifieds. Failing that you might be able to make something up from a similar sized shroud off another vehicle. 70 series for eg. You are going to need one, especially with aircon.
The shiny one is the standard 2F issue. The one with the extra wide lip on it should be the AC type. Since mine are both standard width, I think it’s safe to say they are pre-81.

Both are available for sale. I do my business by telephone. Contact info in my signature line.


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