For Sale FJ40 Engine, Misc Parts

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Oct 18, 2014
United States

I have some parts for sale. I decided I didnt need so many parts laying in the garage.

I have a 2F Engine out of a FJ60 and 83. Head gasket is blown but rebuildable.
toyota power steering
misc smog parts
front part of a 4 speed transmission
left rear seat
I have some other misc parts
I also have quite a few exhust and intake manifolds..... i am pretty sure I had originally bought too many intake and exhaust manifolds because I wasnt aware of the differences.

I'm not sure if I'm leaving anything out but PM me and I can check the garage. Thanks in advance.
OOps for got to add i have some speedometers too... for an FJ40.
price on power steering?
PM sent.
How much for the motor? I'm in Vegas.
I'd be interested in an exhaust manifold for a 2F. My truck is 10/75 manufacture, so an early one wouldbe ideal.
I have quite a few manifolds. Exhaust and intake. Give me a call 702-278-5575.

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