FJ40 drivetrain

May 17, 2003
I am going to be starting a project and would like to know how much to expect when i sell off the extra parts.

I am putting a new deisel in my FJ40. I am goin to be selling:
1 complete motor, i beleive 1-f.
1 matching trans , dont know wheter its a 3 or 4 speed
1 matching transfercase
1 stock rear axle with brakes
1 stock front axle with brakes

I dont have the possesion of the truck just yet so i dont know the condition or details of these parts. truck was running when parked. I was just wondering how much i could get for these parts. Thanks.
Nov 6, 2003
Frankfort Ky
depending heavily on condition
155f~ 300-600, maybe more if complete, original and in great shape
tranny maybe $150 if good 4 spd, very little for 3 spd
xfer $150 if good, more for good 3 spd or split
front axle, early with drums, maybe $100, but probably not, late with discs in good shape $300
rear probably couldn't even get anyone to take it unless in great shape

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