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Aug 4, 2004
30 October 2005: Sale pending on everything....

5 November 2005: Everything has been sold. Thanks!

I've come to the conclusion that an FJ40 won't work for me, so I'm selling off all the parts I've accumulated, starting with the big stuff. Once the big stuff is gone, I'll start to wade through the smaller stuff and post that here later.

Here's what I've got for sale now:

:) 1977 FJ40 chassis with complete drivetrain. Was last run summer of 2004 when driven off trailer into my driveway. No battery. Brakes partially locked up. As far as I can tell, entirely stock. Odometer shows aprox 77K miles, last registered by PO in 1985 as 62K miles, so odometer may be accurate. Body rusted away due to vehicle left out in a field year after year by PO, with occasional drive of 100 yds to put boat in lake. Rust on frame rails is flaky in spots, but can't put a hole through it anywhere with hammer or screwdriver. See link below for pictures on my web page. :mad: WILL NOT PART OUT, SO PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME ASKING. :mad: Price: US $700.

:) 1970 FJ40 Tub. From back through cowl, excluding tailgate/rear doors/side doors. No instruments. Surface rust here and there, especially in gas tank well, but only rust holes are 5-6 tiny holes in gas tank well. Rear wheel wells have been cut out a bit, and PO also cut a hole in left rear fender for extra gas tank filler. See link below for pictures on my web page. Price: US $1000.

:) Earlier FJ40 hardtop (good). Has rear upper half door. Minor surface rust. All glass in place and not broken or cracked. See link below for pictures on my web page. Price: US $400.

:) 1977 FJ40 hardtop (rusty). Has no rear doors. Rust around edges and door openings, more suited for functional use than restoration. All glass in place and not broken or cracked. (Note that some pics appear to show cracks, but those are ripples in tinted window film, not cracks.) Dent in fiberglass looks worse in pics than in person, does not seem to leak. See link below for pictures on my web page. Price: US $100.

Location: La Crosse, WI 54601

Pictures: Click here for link to pictures on my webpage. Note that some tub pics also show good hardtop and vice versa.

Shipping: No shipping, pick up only. I just don't have the time or availability to deal with shipping issues.

Payment: No trades. Cash, PayPal, cashier's check, money order or other mutually agreed form of payment.

Contact: E-mail, PMs, posts to this thread. (They all end up as e-mails to me anyway.) I only look at my e-mails in the evenings, so don't worry if I don't get back to you until then.

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Sep 11, 2003
Near Madison, WI
I am a bit interested in the 70 tub. What is the condition of the body mounts on the bottom? Do you have any other photos from underneath? e-mail me direct at: cruiser at

thanks! :)
Aug 4, 2004
Doggone it, I thought I had photographed every possible surface of that tub! :doh:

Seriously, it'll take me a few days to get the tub tipped up on end and photograph the bottom, but I'll let you know when the pics are on my webpage. For anyone else who may be interested, I'll also post a comment in this thread to let you know that the pics are available.

If there are any other pics anyone wants to see, let me know.


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