FJ40 Double Steering arm, knuckle assemblies,birfields

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Aug 8, 2004
Gig Harbor, WA
United States
I believe its an Aqualu double steering arm for the smaller knuckle pattern cruisers, came off my 72. Have the full knuckle/spindle/hub assembly off the same rig, has good brake pads and steering arms with hardware. Along with 5 coarse (10) splined birfields, 1 birf has a chipped spline. A good newer set of warn hubs and an older pair good for trail spares, one has some cracks inside the housing on old pair. Also have new seals for hub faces, shims for steering arms and axle oil seals.

Double arm-$100
Birfs-$10 each
Newer hubs-$50
Old hubs-$10
Knuckle assembly-$50
parts 001.jpg
parts 002.jpg
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PM sent on double arm
Hello hey still not sure how this works but would like to purchase those birfields please advise mine broke today, my fault do not use ur cruiser as a log skidder in reverse gear
might also be interested in hubs is six spline as birfields just not sure how it works if u are even still monorting this site ?

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