FJ40 Diesel Bj40 advice

Jun 14, 2022
los angeles
So I’m very interested in a bj40 I see where they were never available in the usa, but they were available in Canada. I have seen bj43 I’m not too sure if this means the 3b diesel or what? Also I’m seeing 79 year and up is power steering and ac which Ik i want. But if I were to get an earlier year how easy/hard is it to put in the diesel engine and the trans and ps and ac? Or should I just wait for a 79-84. This will be a project car. Just seeing if someone can give me more info. I’m planning on going to canada if thats what it takes to get a diesel.
Feb 1, 2006
Greece, Germany
BJ43 (1974-80) is still powered by a B motor, just like the BJ40.
BJ42/45/46 (1981-84) is powered by the more desirable 3B.
This is after 1983 that P/S became an option, but never heard of a A/C unit, at least in Europe (don't know in Canada or in OZ though...)

...and welcome to the Mud/Mad :flipoff2:

PS. A/C was available in JDM BJs at that time.
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