FJ40 DETENT springs 4 speed

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Jun 18, 2005
Virginia city NV.
So after some search and frustration I seem to have figured out why my 4 speed is falling out of gear. It seems I have miss placed my DETENT SPRINGS that fit under the shift plate ( by miss placed I mean lost gone no more) Dose any one have a part number or size even aftermarket. I would like to get this up and running as soon as I can. after many years on this protect I am finely in shake down mode.
I don't know if they're available from Toyota still (wouldn't surprise me, though). Ping Beno and ask. SOR might have some also. I'll dig out the part numbers.
sor says they have some in stock but I like to call them and have some one put there hands on them before I order. I don't know how to ping Beno?? I was hoping to have them before Friday so I can continue shake down before Rubithon.
Part number is (or was) 90501-14772. That number may be superseded by now. You might be able to find or order them at your local Toyota dealer.

To reach Beno, go up to your inbox, choose start conversation, put Beno as participant, and type away.

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