FJ40 Dallas craigslist $700

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I think your place in Cruiser Heaven would be assured if you did buy many would it make?
7 currently on the road and still looking for some parts for the girls.I may have to go look....... Mike
I emailed the guy so hopefully i am first in line. Saw that post about 4 hrs ago. Nice deal. Parts alone are worth more then that.
somebody buy it so I dont have to.
I need another cruiser like another hole in the head.
I'm a college student looking for my first cruiser. I have been wanting one for a while and this one is in my price range. I saw this earlier this afternoon and emailed him. Hopefully I will be at the top of the list.
Land Cruiser has been sold......
Yes it has! get it? I got an email from him last night saying it was sold. Just curious what month and year was it built?
Yeah, Jebbers got it. I went with him late last night to look at it and pick it up. It is NOT a 1975. It is a 1969. I didn't get the month of manufacture though.

Jebbers also picked up a real solid white 1983 FJ60 that he had on the lot also....really, really, really good deal.:clap::cheers:

Needless to say Jeff had a good night, at least til he got home. Not sure what his wife said when he left to pick up one cruiser and came home with 2.......:grinpimp:
damn sounds like he got a good deal on both. And to score a 69 for $700. Now PICS!!!!!

I could use a good deal on a 60 series. Saw the 40 on CL but not the 60. Hope he brought flowers home with the cruisers.
Yes, I had a very good night on Wednesday. And the Mrs. was cool with it after she had a moment to process the news. Of course we're going on an Alaskan cruise next month for our aniiversary so I have some some brownie points stored up.

The 40 needs work as you would expect but for the price I now have funds to start the build. The 60 ended up being cream colored in the daylight. It has no rust, does not currently run but hopefully will a little work and luck its good to go. My daughter is major excited because she will be driving the 60 next year when she gets her license. She's already referring to it as her rig.

I have not even owned my first LC a year and now I own 3. Obviously I am addicted and need an intervention.

Here some photos: LC Projects - a set on Flickr
Funny how that happens.

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