FJ40 carburetors

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May 11, 2009
Hola a todos!

para los expertos esta pregunta:

¿Existen diferencias entre el carburador de un 2F de 1976 y un carburador de un 2F de 1981?

Hi everybody!

this question for the experts:

Are there differences between the carburetor of an engine 2F 1976 and a carburetor of an engine 2F 1981?
I think there was differences in the USA version from 76 as compared to an 81...but...dont know of them offhand...they may not even be too much of differences that you couldnt interchange them....but...i dont know for sure...are you inquiring about in venezuela? or usa?
Well, in Venezuela.

Certainly the design of the intake system and combustion is quite different between U.S. and Venezuela, in Venezuela in fact this system is similar to Australia.​
thanks! :D

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