FJ40 cad file collaboration/sharing via onshape

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Aug 3, 2012
Louisville, KY
Hey everyone. I have been working on a rear disc conversion for my '78 and decided to design and fab all of my own parts. I started using a cloud based cad package called onshape (made by the guys who originally did solidworks).

Since its cloud based you don't have to load any software on the device you are using... You just need a web browser and all the processing is done on a remote server. It makes it super easy to share files etc. there's also a really powerful app that allows you to model on your phone (If you have a decent screen size).

I wanted to throw out the idea of using onshape to share cad files. Let me know if anyone is interested! It could be a cool collaboration tool and a really smooth way to share files.

It's also FREE if you make your files public.

Have a look and let me know if anyone is interested in this idea!


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