fj40 bush bar

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Jun 19, 2002
sellin a front bushbar.
fits on the outside of the frame to bolt it on.
comes up to the signals to protect it from branches, bushes and crazy hikers while 4x4 ing

steel, and powdercoated black with 4 mounting holes for front lights.
its made for my 78 fj40.
if interested please EMAIL ME.
he's some place up in canadia :D.
[quote author=72cruiser link=board=5;threadid=4691;start=msg35409#msg35409 date=1061949865]
he's some place up in canadia :D.

Ya......your right. im in one of those igloos up in B.C. :D :D. hea hea hea
no....seriously tho, im up in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. EH. ;)
for those that arnt sure without a is the far south west point of canada right on the west coast. ::)

i'll try to post up a pic tonight
how much hoser :flipoff2:? Does 100 dollars canadian sound resonable? Oh, and post a pic.
OOOOOooooo, the abuse. :-[
your hurting my feelings......aaaaaaaaaaaa suck :flipoff2:it. hea hea hea

ya.........about those pics.....first i must find them and then scan them and then post them.
and i havnt found em so i must hold all of you eager beavers back until the weekend when i can get a digi cam pic of it.
as for price......well i seem to have not posted it but i have gotten an offer of $150 canadian from down in florida.

however once i post the pic you might all want to pay me millions for it :D
not likely tho.
saturday i get them to the net for ya all
thanks for all your patients
wow thinks your trying to bump up your total # of posts by writing a different sentence in every post and when read togeather it equals a paragraph.
no december you should be at about a thousead posts in total.....hee :flipoff2: :flipoff2:hee

but that bumper will come with a phat pricetag.......not to mention i aint sellin it....put too much time into it...
i think tho, that i can double up the lights in the front by adding 4 more on top. :D
thankyou.........that was a project of mine last year.
i made the fron and rear bumpers with built in lights, and also so you can remove the bumper and take off the back plate of the bumper to get at the lights......etc....
3/16" thick sheet steel with MANY built in support beams etc...
give me about a week to get the pics to you and mabey i'll post em on the board.......unless you want them to yourself;) :D ;)
thanks again....
i sure wouldnt want to be the car who does the illegal left turn infront of me :D :D....kaboom

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