FJ40 Brake lines, where do i get them

Sep 22, 2003
I dont need anything price wise just a good replacement something that will last awhile, mine are almost about to fall off and the rubber is almost about to burst.

thanks mike :D
Nov 16, 2002
Look for Toyota 4x4 truck rubber brake lines, as long as the ends (male vs. female) match, it will fit if the length is the same. The hole in the brackets can be dremel-ed into the correct shape if you have to. A good parts shop (not the ones that start by asking you the year and how many cylinders your rig has) can pretty much match up what you have.

As for the hard lines, I've had good luck finding in a local Kragens "Japanese metric" brake lines in all sorts of different lengths. I found this one after looking in 3 other local Kragens that had nothing but SAE sizes. "European metric" lines have the wrong shape of flare, but most parts countermen don't know there is a difference. Ask to see their brake line stock in the back.


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