Fj40 Best Top Soft Top!

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Apr 15, 2009
United States
I have a best top tiger top in cherry shape.Windows are crystal clear,no tears in great shape.This is the snap style top.Since I backhalved my cruiser it will no longer do me any good! I bought it 2 years ago spent 1 winter on my cruiser and the other winter insde my house sitting in a closet.I thought about having it modified to fit my rig but figured i would be money ahead having one made! I paid over $1K for it new with the 2 peice doors.It includes complete top,2 peice doors and all frame work. $450 this week! I am in nor cal I can ship this anywhere on your dime!E-mail me at Thanks
top 003.jpg
top 002.jpg
top 001.jpg
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Is the price negotiable? I'm very tight right now but really need something. Thanks.
Sorry for the delay I have been out for a while first one to pay has the top it will go fast at this price I need $ !
I forgot to edit that I have a buyer for the doors if someone wants the top for $400 !

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