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Apr 20, 2003
I have a 74 fj40 with york air, pwr steering and gm alternator and want to upgrade the battery setup. I'm running a winch. My problem is that the york and alt is on the pass side, so I don't have alot of room to mount dual batteries. Should I mount one on either side of the engine or just get one big battery( the big rig variety). What about two optima's, are they worth the money? Have any of you had any experiences with these batteries? And if I do, do the two battery set up, should I wire them in parallel or use a isolator, and if I should use a isolator, what should it be rated at for amps? I'm running a 9,000 Lb winch. Thanks, Pete
I've heard of guys mounting dual batteries in the back of their fj40s. I don't like this idea just because space is limited in the back of a 40! Just thought I would throw that out at ya! :cheers:
I mounted 2 Odyseys 1200's in the stock location(just slightly modified the stock tray) I'm super happy with this set up



as of late I have not been pleased with Optima yellow tops. I used the Orbital in my fj60.

I like the selnoid dual batt set up. I have this on 3 of my Cruisers. Very simple and relaiable. Wrangler Power Products has all the stuff you need.

here is some more from my Pirate thread.
John has a nice set up. I am not a big fan of Optima. I have had some bad luck with them. NAPA sells the Orbital for less and I think it is as good. I have always used an isolater as opposed to a solinoid. Not sure which is better.
Landpimp, where did you get the mega fuse and military spec terminals at? Sweet setup. Thanks for the response.
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Landpimp, where did you get the mega fuse and military spec terminals at? Sweet setup. Thanks for the response.

Mega Fuse at West Marine(but Wragler has them as well) Mega fuse holder(comes with the 2 red caps) $18, fuses are $8(I got a spare as well) you can get the fuses in many different amp rating.

I got the Mil Spec terminals from Wranger for $6ish each but after I ordered I found another source that was half the price

Even the local auto parts store can get them for $5 each.

As far as I can tell Wrangler is the only source for the Mil spec terminal covers, they are well worth it however as I looked FOREVER for a cover that would work on my fj80 dual bat set up.

Cable was 1/0 welding cable, 50ft for $37 I think. cable ends......I finaly found nice ones(tinned copper, closed end) for $1 each at a local screw shop, West Marine was $1.80.....and you use ALOT of cable ends.

I got the crimper from Napa for $30 and it's OK but not great, check out the one that McMaster has...I have used that one before and it's nicer IMOP, either way it;s a handy tool to have.

Odyssey batts were from
best price by far, great service as well, cheap shiping. I love the brass studs on them, normal size but also allow a 3/8 bolt on the top, also you cant brake the stud off....nice feature for the gorilla mechanic ;)

Orbitals Extremes are $109ish(comparable to a yellow top, with some added benifts). I will not buy an Optima again, I still have 2 red tops in service and one yellow top when they die(and they will) I will go Orbital or Odyssey.

Tray mod was 2 peices of angle iron ;) I had to move nothing at all. SUPER SUPER happy with how it came out.

I'm adding a Mean Green to the 82 fj40 very soon.

any question feel free to ask

John H
Quick question that is slightly off topic.

What will make my winch spool faster under load, dual batteries or a monster alternator (Mean green)?

It will only spool as fast as it is rated for, unless you supply more voltage to the motor, and then, you will most likley damage it, and render your winch useless.

I run dual ott, (00) gauge welding cable to my 8274-50, from my red top optimas, and it works great. I also have a 175 amp alt.

Steve is correct.

bigger cable is always a good thing :) Some of the older Warns came with 4 gauge cable, newer ones use 2g. polly changed when the 4.5 hp came out. 1/0 bigger is a good upgrade.

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