Fj40 Aux Fuel Tank - Sell or Trade?? - Spokane, WA

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Jun 17, 2004
Spokane, WA
Hi all,

I just picked up another 40 and it came with a brand new never installed aux gas tank. I thought it was an older MAF, but it looks almost exactly like this guy:


It is steel and appears to have all the hardware. I'll take some pics tonight to verify the style, but the PO did claim it came from Aussyland 5ish years ago.

I'm going to sell it to fund front discs and a couple other things. I'm looking for the following items and was wondering if anyone would be interested in working some sort of trade, or might have some of these things to sell?

- Front disc setup (preferably off a 40, not a 60 so I won't have to mess with my SOA steering too much)
- Rear disc setup
- Sun visors
- Dash pad
- Caps that cover the access panel on hard doors (need both)
- Glove box door
- Tuffy center console w/ stereo spot

If you know of someone local who wants to swap the labor to do the front discs I's also be interested as I'm too busy right now, and want it done right. Last time I did it I didn't shim the knuckles right and ended up with leaky axle seals within a year...

I'm located in Spokane, WA. As far as price, I'm thinking around $650. Willing to ship on your dime.

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