FJ40/60 Distributor Facts Web Page

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Jan 5, 2004
Paint Lick, KY
I have been meaning to post links to a couple of web pages I did several years ago.
Fj40/60 Distributor Facts
FJ40/60 Carb Facts

The first details year by year the dizzy and ignitors for FJ40/60's. There is also a collection of misc notes.
It needs pics to make it complete but I don't have pics of most of the items. If you have pics of these items, send them and I will add them to the page to complete it.

The second link has some data about carbs. It needs much more data that I don't have. If you have data for this page post it here so I can add it.

Shout out to Jim C, Poser, Living in the Past and many others for contributing to this data.
As always; if you see something you KNOW is incorrect, post it and if everyone agrees, I will change it.

The links are now also on my Wiring Store web site.
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Thank you!! For doing this... :clap::clap::clap:
Thanks guys, most of the data came from Jim C of course. His database of knowledge about FJ40 electrical parts is second to none. I am mostly just compiling the data for every ones benefit.

Please, if you have a good clear pic of ANY of the items on the web pages, send it to me or post it here so I can grab it.

I have a similar page for carbs but it is missing much data: If you have carb information to make that page more useful post it here. I will update as I get it.
OK I now have pics of the 77 dizzy and ignitor on the web page thanks to GA Architect.
I also have the 1978 dizzy now thanks to my Google Image searching...
Keep'em coming!
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Coolerman is a peach! :cheers:
Hi all,

Thanks Coolerman for putting all this info on one page! :beer:


Thanks Mark for researching and compiling this, and for freely sharing your results.

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