FJ40 4sp gearbox rebuild

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Jan 2, 2015
Gday guys!
I'm in the process of doing a complete frame-off rebuild on my 73 fj40, and doing as much of it myself as i can!
I'm in the process of pulling apart the gearbox (4spd) + xfer case (both stock i believe) to replace bearings/seals etc. I'm hoping to source bearings directly from a bearing company to save a bit of money.
My questions are,
a) does anybody have bearing part numbers from this gearbox + xfer case
b) is this likely to actually save much money over a complete rebuild kit
c) are the rebuild kits of reasonable quality
I'm based in Melbourne, hoping for some thoughts/comments based on the Aussie market :)
whoops! just realised part numbers should be on the bearings themselves which i'll be able to discover as i dismantle the box/case :)
other questions probably aren't valid as i'll be able to call around with the part numbers i get and see what prices i can find!
thanks all.
You can get rebuild kits from online autoparts in Brisbane for a reasonable price. Will save running around and probably cost about the same
thanks mate!
will probably end up getting a kit from them, doesn't appear to be one for the gearbox though, only the xfer case. though i might be blind :p
one step at a time, xfer case first, then gearbox. see how i go!
alrighty! xfer case has been pulled apart, cleaned, and ready to be put back together once the rebuild kit arrives.
there's three items which i'm not sure whether they'll be an issue or not, any input would be much appreciated :)

1) The idler gear - is that pitting going to mean bad things shortly down the track if i don't replace the gear


2) The front output shaft - More pitting! this an issue? should i wire wheel it, or is that something i should replace.


3) last, but not least.. the front drive shift fork. can i just shave off the burring from where it's worn and continue to use it, or is this another replacement item.


Thanks in advance :)
#1 More than just pitting in that race. IMHO replace it or you will have chatter.
#2 May be OK, not ideal but OK. The pitting is not on a bearing surface.
#3 Replace the shifting fork. These forks are heat treated on the wear surface (scored surface) and that has been compromised.
1. Probably inconsequential.
2. Inconsequential.
3. Replace or build up braze on the wear surface and refinish.
Curious what T case and four speed you have. US had a three speed in the 73 model and started the 74 model with a three before switching to a four speed. The same was true with T case. Once switching to a four speed the T case switched input gear and a few other things until switching to what is called a four speed case 4/75. While the US didn't get a four speed in the 73 model or markets did. But it was not a H41 or H42. If your ordering bearings off the number on the bearing your fine. But when ordering a kit I would be of what you had unless your showing a kits for a 73 four speed.
thanks for the quick responses guys :) much appreciated!
think i'll have a look and see how much the new fork/gear costs and likely just replace them to be on the safe side.

as for the t case and gearbox, (i no longer believe they're stock :p ) i'm not 100% sure at the moment, only just recently bought my 40 a couple months ago after dribbling over them for years...and i'm still learning how to tell what's what with some things.
I've since discovered that it came with an F engine originally, but has a 2F in it. and the gearbox i believe will be a h41 or 42. so probably a lot of the guts of the car has changed since new - i know the wiring certainly has >< lots of shonky splice jobs! think black balls of tape with multiple wires entering the void :p
but she's pretty rust free and the chassis is good, all you can really ask for, right?

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