FJ40,45 Stereo mounting problem solved

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Dec 10, 2003
United States
Thanks for taking a look. I have assembled a kit that allows FJ40, and 45 owners to mount a stereo inside the glove box. The plastic enclosure is impact resistant ABS. Included in the kit is the necessary hardware, plastic enclosure, dash wallet and detailed installation instructions with pictures.

This kit is currently available on Ebay, but is offered here for sale at $21.95 through Christmas.

Feel free to look at the auction for more details and please see the pic below.
Auctions are ending frequently so the link may expire in a couple of days.

I will check the board for questions and try to post answers in a timely manner.
Thanks again for looking.

I use to have the same thing in my boat........just upside down.
[quote author=Landpimp link=board=5;threadid=8633;start=msg73847#msg73847 date=1071069168]
I use to have the same thing in my boat........just upside down.

me too ;) good idea though
Welcome Dave.

Looks good!
Thanks Steve. Had no idea of the depth of this forum. There is no shortage of content here.
i have actually found a way to mount the stereo with minimal work and still have room in your golve box. all i did was too the thin metal stereo sleeve that comes with most tore bought radios. i cut a piece of 1/2 inch angle iron to length and welded it to the sleeve. then inside of the glove box there is a thing peice of sheet metal that runs along the top with two clips on it. i then drilled three holes and used self tapping sheet metal screws and mounted it in there.i can take a picture and show you if you want it turns out pretty nice.


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