Wanted FJ40 4" leafs (fr and rear)

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Dec 27, 2007
Southport, NC
United States
I'm looking for a complete set of 4" springs for my 40. I have a nice set of 2.5" springs that I can barter with also. If you have a complete set of 4" springs, let me know what you want for them and where you're located.

Mike D.
Wake Forest, NC
I recently purchased some Land Cruiser parts and it came with 2 used 4" springs and 1 new 4's spring. The guy was in a wreck and he used the other new spring. They new spring still has the UPS label on it so you could probably order 1 more spring and have a set.

I will take $120.00 for the 2 used 4" springs and the one brand new 4" spring.

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