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Feb 19, 2006
Hi all, I'm new & I'm English but don't hold either against me...could do with some help identifying a vehicle.
My recently deceased father in law had an old Land Cruiser in the yard of his 4x4 repair business for years - its been covered with a tarp and untouched since at least the mid 1970s, even though he always said he was going to get around to restoring it. Now he's gone we thought it would be a nice tribute to get it back on the road. Trouble is, we're not sure what it is. He always used to say it was one of only 3 in the UK and very rare. It is RHD and the import paperwork says its an FJ25 and it certainly looks like one - but it also says that it was built in 1962, and as far as I can see they stopped making these in 1959. The ID plate is unreadable but the log book says the chassis (frame) number is 20053. Other paperwork we have suggests it may be a BJ25. An old friend of his thought it was an FJ28 (but the wheelbase is 90") The engine is a 6cyl petrol and has F135 written on the cover. The doors and hood are canvas and the rear doors are two piece swing-away with a clip in the middle. Its had a hard life - it spent some time in Africa and the Father in Law put a rollcage in and competed in the Welsh Hillrally in it at least once - but despite the English weather it seems sound and relatively rot-free.
So - questions - can anyone help us identify it? Is it rare or just rare in the UK? Are parts available for restoration?
Sorry for the long post - any information gratefully received!
We need some pics.. then we can tell you. The frame horn or the id plate should clean up enough to say....
We would love to see pictures. I think you are correct that it's likely to be an FJ40. Here is a 1960 Soft Top FJ25 (Brokeback Mt. Version?) (and a hard top).
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Few pictures and you'll hear everything you ever wanted to know about it. If it is a 25 then it is definitely rare regardless of where it is.
Welcome, GussieBJ!! :cheers:

Even if you can't get any photos posted yet, some obvious comestic differences will tell you if you got a 25 series or an FJ40 (as shown in IDave's brochure pic).

If it's a 25, the rear wheel openings will be round, and the grill will have three horizontal chrome bars across the front bib with no bezel.

Also, unless a PO made some changes, it will have a 4-speed tranny and a single range transfer case.

It is very possible that it can be a 1962 FJ/BJ25. That was the transition year.

Check out the FJ25 Owners Group forum for more details and pics.
Gussie, you had a little better description than you friend. It probably is a 25, and the 1962 may have been the year it was imported or titled. Post up details on the drivetrain (4 speed / single speed transfer case?) and pictures and we'll be able to figure it out. :)
Hi All
Really grateful for your responses. The grill(e) description of the 25 fits but I'm will have to uncover it all, get all the stuff out of it (you know how it is...if it moves its a vehicle, if it dont move its a storage facility) and have another look at all the other clues you have given. I will post some pics as soon as I can get over there in the light, probably the weekend. You mention a frame horn - sorry, you lost me there, is this what we would call a chassis plate? Where would I find this?
Thanks again for all your help.

Frame horn is the part of the frame rail that sticks out in front. The bumper is attached to it. The frame number would be stamped into the outside surface of it, in the US on the Right or passenger side. You may have to buff it off with sandpaper to read it.
Example (this is FoxFab's from the FJ25 forum).
Thanks Dave, I'll check this out.
Juat been over to the FJ25 forum and found my brother-in-law has posted the same questions over there...sorry for the confusion if you've read both threads! No offence but I think we will carry this one on over there rather than post everything twice. For your interest, he found the forum via the UK land cruiser owners club, they told him you guys knew EVERYTHING about them - seems they were right!


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