fj25 manifold question

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Jan 12, 2007
Houston, TEXAS
Ok I posted (earlier and dumber) about a block off plate on my fj25 manifold. Aswer came that it was not a block off plate but the mounting bracket for my oil canister filter. OK, got it... BUT there is a weight attached to a linkage that passes through the manifold? and comes out the other side to a thermal spring? Could this be a manifold pre-heating system? My linkage is frozen (of course) and I suspect there to be a butterfly or some other type of valve in the manifold and that block off has me suspicious.

The pic is the plate. The linkage is at the base of the manifold. The weight on the firewall side and the spring facing front.
You are correct on the function. You might want to post in the FJ25 section for more answers.

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