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Aug 13, 2006
New York City
I went to drive a Lexus LS 470 today just for kicks with the wife. I noticed my FJ had all the same options, and MORE than the $70K LS 470, with exception of the built in navigation system. Tell me you aren't getting your money's worth even with a fully loaded FJ... :)
Really? Like what? The LS470 has heated/cooled seats, auto/dual-climate control, sunroof, keyless system (totally keyless), HID, etc. etc.

What the FJC has that the LS doesn't is 4WD and a lot of ground clearance. :D I do love what they did with the 470, though, style-wise (compared to the 430).
really though... i dont even consider heated seas as options... i mean, when you go to the grocery store, do you think about the option of buying tampons? if you're married or you're a girl.. perhaps... but you see my point.

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