fj hand crank

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Only $250 for that arm breaker... what a deal!
When I was a kid I remember the starter was out on our family's only vehicle, a 1969 FJ55. Watched the old man crank it by hand many times until we could afford a new starter. That is the same crank to lower the spare from under the back also. Thanks for the memory......
I had one once. wasnt game to use it in case it kicked back, it would take yer leg off..

If you do it right, like he did you will not be in any danger. Only fingers under it no thumbs over it, only do it on the up stroke, and everything moves out of the way as soon as you rotate it. No danger at all. Search you tube about hand cranking vehicle and you will see video's that will shock you, not that the person does not have broken arms, but that they are still alive.

Here is the really wrong way to do it,
Lada hand crank start - YouTube

I picked one of these handles up for $20, of course it does not fit anymore since I found a warn 8274.
I believe the longer one is still available new. Earlier ones were 850MM the later ones were 1005MM. The cost is a small fraction of what it is listed for on this CL ad. I bought a longer one for my FJ45LP-B to use for the spare tire with the Confer style rear bumper. There is a place to store the crank behind the driver's seat. The FJ25 and early FJ40 also had these standard and a place to store. I believe after the first couple of years the it was dropped from the FJ40s. The earlier radiator mounting bracket had a giude to use the hand crank. Later only the guide for the bumper was available. Foxfab has made repos of the bumper guide and still may have some available. Not sure if this guide works with the FJ55?
Later model 40's with the crank handle had a clip on the bottle jack bracket. This is the second picture.

The jack handle brackets had an additional clip to hold the crank handle. These brackets are from a Troopie and they don't line up with holes in the tube rail on the my 79 40. Also, from the EPC I don't think they are correct for the 40.


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i have several cranks in the garage actually started my fj40 once with power wagon and 46 willys also have them and they interchange .
As far as I can tell from my limited dealings with them they are just sourcing stuff at the dealer. The stuff I found on their site that I wanted all came back NLA.

I learned to hand-crank start an engine on my '52 MG. Cranks for a LandCruiser are a little bigger, but the concept is the same.
Every 55 came with a hand crank, clipped to a recess under the rear seat. I have 4 or 5 of them. I've hand-started my 55 many times. Sometimes just for a bet or to show off. Sometimes because I really needed to. Also handy when adjusting valves. Never seen a Pig with the bumper bracket, but I bet it would help in not bending the crank handle.
Which, last I heard were still available from the dealer...
I called a dealer here in Austin a few days ago on both the crank and the crank tab for the bumper. Both were NLA.

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