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Slowly talking the wife into an 80 series. She dug Beno's when it was at the house.....

problem is the 4 runner keeps running.

Probably not going to consider the FJ, for some reason I would feel like the guy on the block that everyone remembers when the first hummer came out.
I might get a FJ cruiser in about 5-10 years, when all the bugs are worked out, when they throw a diesel in it, and a soft top....:flipoff2:

I think I want to skip the FJcruiser at least until I have a 40/60/62/70 sitting my drive way first.
If the 80 dies maybe if they have 10 year loans.
I'm trying to talk dad into one, he says he's trading in the P T for a toyota pickup I said get the F J instead.


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