FJ Cruiser Photo Shoot Needs Support

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Apr 2, 2005
Kittredge CO USA
Rising Sun has been in touch with a photo location scout who was retained by Toyota's ad agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, about a photo shoot of the new FJ Cruiser. The scout is based in LA, and was unable to do the scouting personally, and retained a local scout. I've been in touch with both of them, both by email and by phone.

The LA scout informed me today that they've chosen the Walden CO area do do their shooting on Feb 11th and 12th, a Saturday and Sunday. He wanted to know if we could provide some support in case the FJ or their other vehicle(s) gets stuck in the snow.

Walden's 142 miles from Denver so I don't know how many Rising Sun members we can get up there, but you guys are a lot closer to Walden. Here's copy-and-paste from the latest email:
Just wanted to update you on the status of the photo shoot.

They have decided on Walden, CO, shooting Saturday, Feb. 11th and Sunday Feb 12th. We would like to invite you and your local TLCA to the shoot. Do you think anyone from within your TLCA group would be interested in coming up? We would like to at least designate a couple vehicles to be there for the weekend. Mostly to be there as support in case the FJ or any other vehicles get stuck. I would think they could at least cover a couple hotel room's, food and gas for a couple of vehicles. They are planning on flying into Denver and driving up to Laramie, WY on Friday.

I will not be there on the shoot, but I wanted to let you know how the schedule was coming together and to see if can help me organize the designated Cruisers. Gavin Harrison is the producer and he will be the contact on the shoot, but I am organizing support. They will organize food on they days of the shoot, and would like to have enough for everyone thats comes to hang out, maybe we could get a head count. They probably don't need this until next week some time.

Let me know what you think and feel free to call me anytime.

Jeff Nelson
(323) 461-5755
hey guys, I should be able to make this one. I'm from Walden and have some family up there so if problems arise I do have contacts.

not too mention my mom worked at the Sheriff's office for over 10 years...I got's connections!

Is anyone else up for going?
pick pull out the fjcruiser tj!!!

i'll be there.

just do it man, all of your friends are doing it...your parents won't find out...

whoa, flashback to peer pressure days!

do you think we'd get in trouble for bringin digi cams for that stuck moment??? :D
PabloCruise said:
Dam! You guys are busting my chops hardcore!

I have been trying to do this PS since Nov.

The weekend after the 11th I'll be in Vegas...

I'll see if I can bump my shop time.

November? What the heck are fretting about it then for? Go to the shoot man.....PS has waited this long! :) Just think how much off season conditioning your arms are getting for you next big swim!!!
I"ll post this here as well:

There aren't many places up their to stay, I'm staying at my uncles ranch. My mom just moved last year or I would have 4 rooms for people to stay in.

The River Rock cafe/Antler Inn which we'll most likely have the meeting at, lounge/bar/inn...pretty new in town and the nicest.
The Bowling alley, good burgers, 6 lanes of furious bowling!
The Elkhorn, longtime stable, typical small diner
Moose River, another diner

North Park Supers: THE grocery store...closes at like 7 or get what ya need early.

Chedsey Motel, 537 Main St, Walden, CO 80480, (970-723-8201)
Hoover Round Up Motel, 361 Main St, Walden, CO 80480, (970-723-4680)
North Park Motel, 625 Main St, Walden, CO 80480, (970-723-4271)
Westside Motel, 441 Lafever, Walden, CO 80480, (970-723-8589)

BARS: across the street from eachother and 1/2 block from the 2 liquor stores in town.
The Stockman: local hangout...I got everyones back
River Rock: nicer than stockman

Napa...thats guessed it, main street!

Natural Hot Springs: for the brave...
about 30 minutes outside of town, smells like sulphur,(you will need MANY showers after this) been buldozed in a time or two......polar bearing is FREEZING this time of year...just do it drunk (don't ask how i know)

For everyone up there that is gonna stay, I'll give ya my cell phone number in case you need something. You can PM me for anymore info.

Is this open to the general public or invite only? I'd love to come-up and check out the new FJ.

BTW: Ben I'm the guy that brought over Alex's engine.
GCooper said:
Is this open to the general public or invite only? I'd love to come-up and check out the new FJ.

BTW: Ben I'm the guy that brought over Alex's engine.

nice to see ya on mud!
Here's the info from the FJ Crew:


Jeff Nelson here, I was the location scout for this job and now I am helping coordinate this shoot. Toyota wants snow, mud, and water for this campaign and we are doing the snow portion in Walden, Co. It is going to take place on Sat & Sun, Feb 11th & 12.

Toyota wanted to invite everyone from the TLCA and local clubs to come up and hang out and to check out the new FJ. We will try to find a good meeting place in Walden in the morning if people would like to head out with us. I don't know if there is a coffee shop or diner, but the photo crew is staying Laramie and driving in fairly early in the AM and returning to Laramie in the evenings. Any suggestions?

They will be taking pictures of the FJ for advertisement as well as getting shots & video of everyone that comes out for the Toyota website.

So, by mid-week we should have a good idea on how this is coming together. Robert Antonson "powderpig" will rolling with us and helping us coordinate. We will try get a head count on who is coming so we have enough food for all. It should be a good time!
Uncle Ben said:
November? What the heck are fretting about it then for? Go to the shoot man.....PS has waited this long! :) Just think how much off season conditioning your arms are getting for you next big swim!!!

O-k, o-k, I'll suck up the non-PS 40 a bit longer...

(coming from a 40th Anniversary Cruiser guy!) :grinpimp:
CoWy Meeting?

When and where is the next CoWy meeting and trail run and what kind of org. is this going to be? Men's drinking club or family oriented or some kind of combo?

Rising Sun is way to damn far to drive too...
i thought the next run was this coming sunday up seven mile:confused:
works for's tight on my end also...specially till i get hte piggie up and running :D
Hi all, who is planning on going and when are you headin up there? I have booked a room at the North Park Hotel. They don't have much left up there for rooms as the snowmobilers and skiers tend to grab them. If anyone is interested in going, call some of these places to get your rooms ASAP.
I am planning on going Friday evening, not sure what time. Land Cruiser will be a trailer queen on this one. A friend is letting me borrow his truck and trailer. Anyone want to caravan?
FJBen, when are you heading up that way? Goingthe Laramie route? or Poudre?
Do we have any further info on the shoot?
damn, too many questions, not enough Land Cruisers.:cheers:
i'll be going...not staying up there$$$

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