For Sale Fj 80 Parts

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Dec 10, 2014
United States
sun visors, 50 each

steering column 150 (with cover)

glove box door, 20

radio, 200

front seats, 150 each

seatbelts, 60 each

dash, 80, some wear

rear view mirror, 20

interior lights, 20 each

ash trays, doors, 10

dash slide out ash tray, 30

window switches, driver main 70, passenger windows 10

kick pannel, 20

a pillar cover, 20

b pillar cover, 20

sunroof, 350 all components and a chunk of roof

rear left door, 150, no interior

heater/ac motors, 50

right doors are badly scratched, due to the vehicle sliding on its side after it rolled. Windows and door components are still good. The windshield is broken. Also, the engine is for sale as a rebuild.

Location of parts: west Michigan

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