fj-62 wiper switch repair -replace?

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Oct 30, 2007
Plano texas
Anybody had good luck repairing these switches,or did you just buy another? Anybody got an extra? thanks, MIke
I think I've got 4 or 5 steering columns on the shelf.
Have you ever repaired the wiper switch? Mike
I assume your talking about the front?

I have found that all the switches like the rear one have needed a good rub with some emery paper.

Not tried it on the front, but probably worth a try!
Correct ,front windshield wiper switch mounted on steering column. thanks, Mike
My front windshield wiper switch has a mind of it's own. Sometimes it works, sometimes not or when it does, it is not consistent with the setting. Rain-x Wipes behind the front seat are a good short term fix until you can either isolate/fix the problem or replace the switch. Not sure how much rain you get in Plano but it has to be far less a problem than if you lived in Seattle.
Much less rain here,however they are stuck on!!
just brought home a parts rig and needed to take the column apart to get the key switch ou to unlock the column, I'll have a look at it in the AM and see how hard it is to get at
Thanks,Fixing up two 62s for my daughters first cars.Mike
no pics, but it looks like it just uses phillip screws to hold it in, you might have to pull the wheel to get at a few of the screws, then unplug the wire harness and it looks like it comes right out. HTH
I don't know about "Fixing" your switch per-se, depends on what's wrong with it, but the switch is replacable, seperately, in the cluster.

Toyota part # 84652-69345

It will require removing the steering wheel and the plastic steering column housing, then it's just a couple of screws and connectors and you pull the cluster out --
The switch being stuck on is interesting,I was looking in the manual and saw the relay in the dash-column area.Now Im wondering switch or relay? Mike

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