FJ-62 Electrical help

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Sep 11, 2005
Berrien Springs, MI
I'm having issues with my '89 FJ-62.

A couple weeks ago I came home for lunch with the wife/daughter. After lunch I hoped in the 'company car' ('91 1-ton Chevy van) to head back to work. It was dead...real dead. Since the 62 was parked right next to it I tried to jump the van with it. As soon as I hooked it up the cruiser bogged down and almost stalled out (it would have shut down but I grabbed the cable right off). In the process it fried the board in the alternator. My employer was kind enough to buy me a new alternator, but I'm still having some issues.

She's fine as long as it doesn't sit for more than a dayish or get driven less than 10 miles at a pop. If she sits, or gets a quick grocery store run she'll need a jump.

Initially I thought the battery'd been fried as well, but it checks out fine. Charged it up on the bench yesterday afternoon and let it sit 24hrs, it was fine (fyi, the battery is an Interstate and is only 5 months old). Like I said the alternator is a new re-manufacture from Toyota.

My battery cables are probably about due for a change, but they shouldn't have anything to do with this, it was 100% fine before this incident.

What am I missing...
check the "engine" 10amp fuse in the cab. This is supplying voltage to your regulator. If this is it you can probably bring that new alternator back.

Mine kept blowing because of a short and would caused my alternator to stop pumping out voltage.

The jumping procedure may have caused a similar short as I was having.
Thanks for the suggestion the fuse is still fine though.

There is something definitely drawing current when the rig is turned off which is causing a draw down of the Battery...
You could hook up an ammeter at the battery and pull fuses one at a time to find the offending circuit.
Good troubleshooting suggestion from RockDoc. When you track down the circuit it might still be hard to find the exact source. Fun stuff.

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