FJ-62 A/C compressor oil amount

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Mar 13, 2004
Northern California
I am going to charge my A/C system on my FJ-62 but the system has been open to the elements for a while now. I have a new dryer, and all the O rings, but I would like to replace the compressor oil. I plan on draining all the oil curently in the compressor (normally I would just replace the old oil with the same amount of oil as I drained out but I am not sure if that amount has not changed since I opened the system) Does anybody know what the correct amount of oil to add to a compressor that has been drained? I am not interested in converting to R-134a because I have enough R-12 to last me a while, before anyone suggests that. And I have all the proper equipment to do the job.
i have performed the 134a conversion successfully (and also have the right equipment). Each of the major components in the a/c system should contain about 2oz of oil each (compressor, condensor, evaporator, accumulator). The oil/lubricant used is designed to dissolve with the refrigerant, and so it keeps moving in the system. The system being open does not let the oil escape, but if the refrigerant left suddenly and violently, it DOES take some oil with it. This is a good time for the conversion unless you have a good supply of R12. You must really take time to resolve any leaks that the system may have. Check for oily residue around any of the joints in the a/c system. The o-rings are easily replaced and should be lubricated with Nylog or refrigerant oil before replacing. Attention to detail is important and a good vacuum is mandatory. You can get good 38-42F air - I do!

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