FJ-60 or what?

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Apr 6, 2007
Columbus, Ohio
i appreciate the wealth of info that i have found here. It's helped me decide it I want to take on a particular FJ-60 Project.

But-----I don't want to make the wrong choice. I might be too passionate for the end result. I'd like some imput on what it'd take to get this truck up. Here's what I know:

Well maintained engine, w/ 199,000 miles runs really great.
Body is in bad condition.
frame is good and straight.
new 32" BFG's.

I plan on driving it every day on the road, and utilizing its off road abilities. no crazy mods or 80º hills.

i will probably pay 1,000 dollars for it.

what do you think?
for 1k it better than my rig. As long as the drive train is solid. Go for it.
I h8 body rot. The mechanicals don't fail all that often and can almost always be fixed. Rust means you are slowly rotting away. It is very hard for the average guy in his garage to fix. If you can afford to pay more, I would keep looking. I have seen clean, similar mileage 60s for $3000 or so.
The rest of the running gear is as important as the engine. If it's in the same shape, it's probably not a bad deal. But I've seen free vehicles that weren't worth the price because of the cost to maintain and/or fix them.

What's your budget? Do you have anything saved for the problems that will crop up? Has the PO fixed the inevitable intake manifold leak? Rebuilt the carb? changed all the vacuum hoses? Fuel sender wire? Carb fan sensor wire? Fusible links? Motor mounts? Knuckle bearings & seals? E-brake bellcranks?
i do have a background in body work...before I took up screenprinting I did do some bondo/sanding/priming/painting at a body shop. Not to this extent, though. I would probably replace as many panels as possible. My budget for this would probably be capped at 1500 dollars. It's frame and ride are good; the engine has been overhauled pretty well over the years and probably won't need more than a little updating. it just looks like crap. Also, the rear lift doesn't close. I've seen tailgates for sale (the lower part) but not the upper glass portion. i also saw a 'foreign' door which opened more like a Isuzu Trooper (refrigerator door). How available are those?
IMO I think its a bad idea.My cruiser came from the east(Pennsylvania).I got it while I was living out in Virginia.It had some kind of reall good under coating on it and the frame and body are in pretty good shape,especially for a truck from that part of the country.With that being said I built 1 from 2 and it fought me every inch.Even though frame and such is in good shape and all, I broke so many bolts taking stuff apart it just about drove me to drinking.Broken bolts in the exhaust,broken bolts in the head,broken bolts in the frame,broken bolts .........I broke about 3 or 4 easy outs and went through a few drill bits.A tap and die set became my best freind for the duration of the fix fest. It seems as if every time I need to fix something it takes about three times as long as it should just from fighting corrosion.I'm dreading the front end service.I see your from Ohio.Most trucks I've seen from out there are about ready to fall apart from body rot.I think you should look for one from a dryer climate state.Look around,have someone from mud inspect it if you can't and fly out and pick it up.Since your asking i'm saying save yer dough and find a nicer one or at least chew him down a couple hundred.Thats more than my $.02 worth.
Happy Cruisin
Don't bother dropping money on body work, it'll just leak back out somewhere else. If you can't pass this one up, just do a camo job to the whole thing with rattle cans, and any time some new rust pokes through, just sand it off with 100-grit, prime and paint a new patch of camo.
I agree that the rusting panels will suck to deal with. I think I will need at least one new front door, one fender, two quarter panels and the rocker panels (or whatever the hell that part below the rear doors is called. If I use aftermarket flares in the back i think I can get away with just one quarter panel. That guy with the liftgate for sale has a bunch of this stuff for sale for pretty cheap (except for shipping costs) so I am pretty confident that I can find good used panels. New ones are pretty costly. I am looking for a project...maybe that's what I've found...If I buy this thing for, say, $800 dollars, and then:
Fender: $100
Quarter: $300
Rockers: $200
Tailgate: $100
Liftgate: $100
Crap Paint: $400 (I'd sand and prime it myself probably)

that's $2000.00 total.
which incidentally is what is says on that 'for sale' sign..."2,000.00 OBO" but it's been for sale for ever. Even if I go to 1,000 dollars it's still only 2,200.00 for a truck with some real potential.

But maybe I am just enthralled.
I've climbed underneath and it's not so bad in the under carriage. Next tax season I'd probably buy an SO kit or at least new springs, but the ones on there are good.

There will be a lot of good money chasing bad on this problem in the end. Keep looking.
here's more pictures (in day light) for you to build your opinions. be patient; there's like 25 of them. bottom line: i don't have much money to spend on this than what I've already outlined...i have to buy a car anyway (the wife has a nice mazda6-MY mazda protege just bit it and ain't comin' back) so if i am going to buy a 1000 dollar car, shouldn't this be it? I mean, I was thinking of getting this truck anyway, as a hobby, but now I need to get to work, too. I'll need to add 3 point belts in the back for the kid (4 yrs) but outside of that, this vehicle will get me there. When i am more financially 'comfortable,' i'll ante up for a real daily driver and start on this this as a real project.

I'll keep posting pictures until you agree with me. which might be a lot of pictures (haha)
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Here an upper tail gate section for sale.. the shipping may kill the sale tho'.

to avoid shipping, i have relatives in that area...maybe they can cart parts up for me this summer!
Pictures dont work.

I bought my cruiser last month for $750. the seller wanted $1500 but the day before I got it he told me that it wasnt running well so he cut the price to $750. So far the engine has run really well so I dont know what he was or wasnt doing.

My cruiser had the engine rebuilt 60,000 miles ago. It needs quarter work on both sides. 2 doors and some brake work.

From the one picture I see I think my cruiser is in better shape. I traveled about 200mi. from VT to MA to get it. As long as you're willing to travel. You should be able to find a better cruiser for less money.
For A Thousand Dollars, It Is A Throw Away Car. Drive It Till It Craps, Its Still Cheaper Than A Car Payment. Plus It Probable Still Has 100k In It Left. Long Live The 60
For A Thousand Dollars, It Is A Throw Away Car. Drive It Till It Craps, Its Still Cheaper Than A Car Payment. Plus It Probable Still Has 100k In It Left. Long Live The 60

amen. I think that there are a couple of groups here: those who want to completely restore these vehicles to their original shining glory (perfectly awesome if you ask me, but perfectly unlikely for a midwesterner short of shipping in a vehicle that's near pristine from the west coast), those who want to modify these trucks to be completely out of the ordinary trail horses, and those who just enjoy the capabilities of this particular vehicle (and the innate fun Toyota built into the package).

not known to you: I retired a 1986 4runner with substantial accoutrements (4" inch lift, aftermarket bumpers,springs, winch, huge tires, locking back, etc.) 2 years ago and have been itching since. My 4runner had substantial body rot (Cleveland winters) but was still fun as hell. I am looking for something similar.

You guys are making it tougher than i thought - i expected more enthusiasm for the sheer ability of these vehicles. instead it seems like the afficionados - who through no fault of their own have better access that the regular joe---are actually DOWNplaying the truck. i can go down the street and buy a 1999 Land Rover Discovery with 90,000 miles for 5,000 dollars. or, i could buy this truck for 1,000 dollars and put 3,000 into it and get a better result.
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it's a quicktime movie with the pictures enclosed. if you have anything other than dial-up it'll appear in like 1 minute.

Yep, using slow DSL right now, I will be more patient.
I'll keep posting pictures until you agree with me. which might be a lot of pictures (haha)

Dude, just buy it, you know what you're doing. Everyone here loves the 60 so if you find one and save it and it looks better after you're done with it, do it. We usually try to help people avoid pain (esp when it comes to rust), but again, you seem to know what you want.

But you'd better post pics of your project or we'll come and find you. Ohio is just up the road a piece.


And yes, please add the 3-point belts in the back for the little 'un.
i can go down the street and buy a 1999 Land Rover Discovery with 90,000 miles for 5,000 dollars. or, i could buy this truck for 1,000 dollars and put 3,000 into it and get a better result.

Well put, well said, well spoken ;)

You can get replacement panels... down the road you can find a mostly good body and swap it, be it 60 or 62.... you will get your 1000$ out of the truck and most likely more. My bud has a decent 60 body BTW...

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