FJ 60 lurching

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Mar 25, 2009
Las Vegas,NV
Just bought a 60 and it's jerking kinda back and forth while driving down the road. It seem like its not getting fuel or something or air in the lines, I guess. And when it starts doing that the truck won't get over 45-50 mph. I replaced the fuel filter and pump. I'm still 8 hour from home and all the uhauls are closed to trailer it back. Thanks.
It idles just fine but I have one of those autozone fuel filters and you can see into it, but it doesn't seem like its filling up. There's only a 1/4 inch of fuel in it and I can see the fuel going thru the top.
Run through the "Classic FJ60 Stumbling Hesitation" thread.

In my case, I ran through the entire thread, replaced a bunch of stuff with no luck, then finally replaced the carb throttle diaphram for $15 and it fixed all. The rubber inside was cracked and it wouldn't hold a vacuum.

If you search for carb diaphram on it'll show you a nice diagram. It's available at NAPA as well, part CRB 24093.

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