FJ 60 beer

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Oct 21, 2007
Limited time only for all you 60 fans. This was my first landcruiser, same color and all. Got me through college and several long road trips and off road excursions. Oh and the beer is good too. Enjoy and cheers!

I bought a tshirt from that place :)
Saw that last year and had my buddy in Colorado shop me a sixer. They were good. Holding onto the cans for fellow 60 owners in the local club.
Tmx, can’t take credit for any of it. Just posting and doing my share of drinking it! Wife says I have too many cruisers so no more 60s in my future. I bought the last two six packs from my liquor store tonight. I’ll dig up some of my old film (yes film, remember that?) with me and my brown beast.
I stopped in at Soulcraft last October. Good beer and a really cool spot. I like Salida.

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