FJ-45 Fuel Tank Replacement Question

May 27, 2003
Any suggestions as to best pad or mat treatment to use when installing a replacement fuel tank under the passenger side seat of my FJ-45 swb pickup?

The original tank was leaching rust and causing fuel system problems, and it seems a metal to metal application will invite problems down the road.

Will appreciate any tips.

Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
When I pulled my original tank it had thick strips of felt glued to it, I pulled these off and reused them on my CCOT poly tank. You could use just about anything, thick rubber matt, heavy felt. I like think rubber, maybe an intertube or big hose cut up. Anything that seperates the two, although I think the insulation's primary function is to keep the tank from bouncing around and to allow water to collect and drain out from under the tank instead of the tank sealing the drain hole and holding water in.

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