Builds FJ 45 Extended Cab Custom Vehicle Build Finally Begins

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What you are all seeing is the difference between an idiot with a borrowed tube bender and a welder (me) and a professional 4x4 fabricator.

I need to get one of those stickers like you see on a dumpster that say "No Climbing On or Around". ToyotaDon and his kids came out to our clubs wrenching weekend and played on it for most of the day.
Hey, I only played on it for a few minutes.

Seriously, wouldn't it be cool to have a rig that doubles as a jungle gym, or integrate an exercise machine into a roll cage? Chin-up bars, Bow-flex pulleys and cables, free-weights hanging off of it...I can just see a crowd of MUDers paying the membership dues to use your mobile gym at every event.
FCFabrication and jungle gyms! that's precious. almost as good as georgeous georges' daycare and storage! :lol:
One keeps going flat, I don't have time to run around and find someplace to mount my other spares.

Did I also mention that first thing this morning the fuel pump blew the "O" rings out of itself on my Tow Rig. This is not the little one that is held on with two bolts. It is the big one that connects to the injectors. :crybaby:
you have made me happy dan, I don't think I am gonna get to see it in person unfortunately. Going to a mountain bike race in Berkeley tomorrow, might be able to sneak out to the beach for a while before I have to run to the north bay.

So, pics are all I have :(
Before, with 38 x 16.50 x 15 Super Swamper TSL tires and some steel wheels.

The tires and wheel are in the tires and wheel for sale section. :D

I know, pictures in the dark suck.
rig looks awesome Dan, way to go, I know you can get it done!

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