Builds FJ 45 Extended Cab Custom Vehicle Build Finally Begins

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luckily there's some space between the flat bed and the frame so you can get a sneak peak of the tube work including the rear shock mount. even though it's a fairly simple design, it's one of my favorite items don has built so far. and he's done some really cool s*** like the tube doors on the FJC amongst other "outside of the box thinking" tube work.:beer:
Dan, are you bring this to the #1 check point for the Surf N Turf poker run that were (Central Valey Crawlers) manning?

Everyone can see it then!
Dan, I can be at your place by 4:00 Tomorrow after I get off work and could help you before the meeting?
Actually it came to him at 2:47am in the morning.

Or at least that is what he told me. :D

I still have the McDonalds apple pie box I sketched it out on :flipoff2:

BTW,... thanks for the tour of the grounds! ya have an awesome place! bitchen shop! bitchen rocks!:beer:

PS,... I have a buncha pics too. I will post them over on the PBB thread! :flipoff2:
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SUPER CLEAN cant wait to see it up close :steer:

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