FJ-40 With Warn Free-Floating Axles & Discs

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Feb 1, 2004
Pleasanton, Ca
Has anyone with a 40, and the Warn free-floating axle kit on the rear, done a disc brake conversion? Would like to hear the details of how it was done.
Warn offfered brackets that bolted to the flange that was welded on to the old housing and used to attach the spindle to the housing. Did two full float conversions with disc brakes back in 1999.

If you have not contacted Warn about the brackets, you *might* get lucky and they may have a set. Used the smaller GM metric caliper. If you cannot get caliper brackets from them, fabricating your own may be your only option.

Good luck!

i've got them...if i remember correctly, it was just like the flat brackets that most everyone sells...maybe just a bit different of a bolt pattern, but something that could easily be made.
Pretty sure they had a 3/8" or 1/4" offset inboard iggie... will verify in the of the trucks is at the shop...nothing that could not be taken care of with spacers really however...hell, might even be able to make one of the sets I have work.. ;)

I used the same disk brake brackets which I had on there before the rear disk brake conversion. There were some minor modifications that had to be done, along with the use of spacers provided by Warn, as I recall.

Tomorrow I will be disassembling the right rear to replace the inner seal. I'll take a couple pics.
Gra8ful for the info........

First, thanks to all of you for your comments. I have contacted Warn (a few months ago) and they don't have anything to help with the disc brake conversion. At that time, I honed the wheel cylinders, threw in kits, and continued driving with drum brakes. However, I know I'm on borrowed time, so would like to make the conversion.

Looking forward to pictures and any more details that you are willing to provide. I'm also puzzled as to what kind of a rotor set up I could use with the Warn hub.

Thanks again.......Poser, Nuclearlemon, and Vortec_Cruiser. My investigation will continue.

I looked through some of my three-rings on shop stuff, but I did not find the 'shop tech' one...I hope that I have not borrowed it out and forgot to fill out a 'check out' card....

The rotor iirc was a jeep piece....needed the center opened up, went over the hub like a hat and was held on by the wheel...


I just had a look at my set up. Let me see if my interpretation of what you said is correct.....

Do you mean that the rotor goes over the inboard end of the hub (like a hat) and then the lug bolts run through the rotor and also the hub....and then finally held on by the wheel and lug nuts?

Thanks again for your time and also searching your archives.
Nope, it would go onto the hub from the outboard side, and be sandwiched between the wheel stud mounting flange on the hub and the wheel.


OK! Hmmmmmmmm.....that would set my wheels out further just like a wheel spacer. Good input for me!!
bracket is flat...spacer is a seperate piece.
Thanks Iggie...

I just found my three ring.. :)

Rotor was a Bendix part number 141454

Good luck!

You guys are just tooooooooo much. Thanks for the photos, and the part number on the rotors.

One more you have a part number for the calipers?

By the looks of things........the only fabrication will be that bracket and the small spacers. Also, looks like the bracket will just replace a 3/8" thick spacer that was part of my Warn kit. I was wondering why I had two 3/8" thick and the other 3/16" thick.

Maybe I'm misssing something, but this is looking really simple.

Gentlemen..............your help is appreciated.
atazman said:
One more you have a part number for the calipers?


There is a part number for a caliper with a parking brake set up on it in the instructions, again iirc. 1978 and later Monte Carlo caliper(GM metric, smaller single piston) will work and not have a parking brake set up on them.

Good luck!


atazman said:
Gentlemen..............your help is appreciated.

Iggie.....does he know something I don't? ;)

:beer: :beer:
oh, and ebrake style caliper is L55311 and L55312 for a cadillac
OK, Poser......

I'll retract the "Gentlemen" thing if you will please tell me what "iirc" means. Embarrasing to ask, but some things you just gotta know.

Nuclearlemon.........Are you recommending the conversion to the disc E-brake as well? Thanks for those rotor numbers. Maybe I can't see the forest for the trees, but I have not considered changing the E-brake set up.

The only dumb question is the one not asked.

TRUST ME, I am new to all this computer stuff....really. I crawl out of and back into a tool box daily. :)

iirc- If I Recall Correctly

If your Ebrake on the tcase works, just pick up some Monte calipers, and call it good.

Great! You guys came through. On that "iirc" thing.........I thought it had something to do with a Jeep. Maybe a Jeep thing.

Rear discs is on my agenda.
More Advice needed, please!!

Hey guys.... I got my calipers and was ready to buy the new rotors when I was informed that there are two widths....1" and 1 1/4". The 1 1/14" thick rotor has a wider "vent" area; the rims in contact with the pads appear to be the same thickness as the 1" rotor. My calipers look like they would open enough to accommodate the 1 1/4" rotor.

Any advice on which width rotor to buy? I want to get some good ones, since the center will apparently have to be machined. Would much rather replace pads than rotors.


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