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Nov 14, 2020
charleston, sc
Just purchased 74 FJ 40. I'm looking for the best thread here to review my options for the sound system. I've got a tuffy center console and I would like to keep the head unit in there for protection and also to be able to keep and charge my device while driving. So a couple of questions that I'd appreciate some help with. As an aside, I don't rock a ton of base, but music is clutch in my family and if they are going to ride, it's going to have to sound pretty good.

1. What are the smartest locations to place speakers in the rig aside from up in the roll cage? If the doors (which currently appear to be wired and have speakers) are the best location, whats the best quick disconnect system for when those doors get left at home :)? Their is a rear bench seat, any thoughts on getting speakers under there?

I live in SC and will have that top off whenever I can and don't like the look of overhead speakers.
I'd like a place for some front speakers with the majority of the volume coming from more sizable speakers in the mid to rear of the rig.
If anyone has photos and ideas that they like or have used, please send them my way.

2. If I'm going to place the stereo in the tuffy, what do you do in the dash where the stereo used to be? I've got all the gauges I need, so don't see any more heading in there. Ideas are welcome.

3. What are the things I need to be careful of regarding the wiring and powering of the system. It's powered by 5.3L Vortec and electrical has been updated for it.

4. What head units fit and work best for the center console? I am an IOS user but just need the blue tooth to sync with my phone with XM app on the phone, spotify etc... don't need a radio or CD player etc...

I've placed a couple of photos of existing conditions. This is going to be fun and thanks in advance!





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