fj-40 history

Nov 21, 2002
Help need historical info. When did toy start putting disc brake on rear Fj-40's and when did they start putting full float rear axle's and when(if at all) did diff. gear ratio changes occur. Need infor or point me to the right tech article.
Thanks Mike in indiana
Apr 20, 2002
FJ40 and 3.73 gear, spell it with me

3.70's (37 ring, 10 pinion). 4.11's have 37/9, 3.36 have 37/11.

Jan 1979, US models got stuck with 3.70's until the FJ62 in 8/87. BJ40/2's in canada got 4.11's (..and BJ70's got 3.70's)

1990+ get 4.10's, 3.73's, 4.30's (1999+)

AND 3.36's and 3.70's were available from at least 1960 on. I have a "1964" document that shows only FJ45 LP's got 4.11's stock although 90% of all US models had 4.11's. FF came in 1975 world models. Rear disk brakes (on FF) came in 1994 well after J40's ended production. Front drum brakes on the other hand ran into 70 series production as did transfer case mounted e-brakes.

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