Fj-40 + FJ-60??

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Jul 22, 2007
Helena Montana
Fj-40 solid tub skeleton and frame + FJ-60 drive-train??

I've been lingering in the 40 section lately and have really been inspired. I need to go topless!! So,.....

I found a 60's 40 skeleton with a solid tub and frame, front clip so so, hood bad, but I have another lead on better front clip and hood. Not sure of the year and I've lost the link to Identify with VIN, but if anyone has that link please let me know, anyway the number is 4-FJ40-23822, thinking some of you may have an idea or possibly the list memorized. :cheers:

Also found a smashed (t-boned) 86 fj-60, runs, drives, everthing works.

My question of the day is it possible to build up this 40 skeleton using the 60 parts, diffs..front and rear, leafsprings, brakes, 2f, 4-spd and t-case? Anything and everything.

Also, I do have an entire fj-55 donor, if that might work? I don't know much ado about 40's, so am looking to the pros here for guidance.

Thanks, Kev
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My question of the day is it possible to build up this 40 skeleton using the 60 parts, diffs..front and rear, leafsprings, brakes, 2f, 4-spd and t-case?

The only limiting factors are money and ability. Hopefully you have a lot of both so your project progresses well.

I guess I need to be more specific. I don't know a thing about 40's. Know a thing or two about 55's. Are the parts the same? I mean will the 60 (or 55) parts, like leaf springs bolt onto the old 40? Are the diffs the same size or are they the different? I guess I've always ASSumed that 55's are a wider wheel base?

After looking thru my Haynes index it "appears" that the front springs are the same on 40 and 55, but appears that rear 55 springs are a bit more heavy duty. It also "appears" that the diffs are the same. Is this the same with a 60? Does it matter? Probably be a rougher ride unless I torch them....assuming they are the same length...??? Like I said, I don't know 40's.

Is anyone running a 60/62 drivetrain on/under their early 40? I'm having wet dreams about an easy bolt-on app with little mods. Am I way off base? Should I just stick to my 55 project piggy until I get a little more experience under my belt? I can pick up both rigs for a steal, and I really would love to have a 40,...and being that they seem to be worth their weight in gold these days, I thought this would be a good opportunity to get one reasonable if the parts from the 60 will work.

any thoughts, anyone? thanks again, kev
Kev- I admire your intiative! It's been awhile since I've messed with 60's, but, I think the motor is a bolt-in, w/tranny, etc. Your problem will be the drive shafts (natch), and the axles. I believe that the 60's axles are too wide for the 40, and the springs are wider than the early 40's springs, which changed in 1980, I think, so the hangers won't fit. You might refit the later hangers on the 40 frame, but that one is several bananas above my skill level. Also, the radiator is different, etc. This isn't much help, but hopefully, it will give you SOME idea of what to look forward to. Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress! We love pics. Ned
thanks Ned. I appreciate your input. Still thinking about this project. I have some time to make the decision b4 purchase.

I do have a brand new 40 radiator, so that will help a little! Ha!

Okay, so how about '69 55 springs, diff's? I know that I will have to get 40 drive-shafts, plus all interior as this really is a skeleton. But Dang! I was amazed at how solid it is, and it's been in the weather sitting uncovered for a VERY long time!! That's sitting on the ground, diffs...maybe a tire or two b/w the dirt and the frame. Amazing.

I'll try and get some pics up of the two Monday.....
you must have stopped by Syness's???

the 2F and 4 speed will bolt in, you'll end up not having an E-brake, and moving the tube crossmember,maybe.

40 and 55 axles are identical
60 axles are aprox 3" wider, they will go into a 40 but you need to outboard the front spring on the pass side.
the leafs springs are the same width, they have bigger eyes.

If they don't have the title anymore, it should have been sent it to Deerlodge, How are you going to title the 40?
Hey Paul, wow., can't get anything past you! Ha! Yep, Synness'. Thanks for the info. I was thinking about a bonded title for the 40. Both Johnny and Jay believe they have the 60 title, but I told them not to bother looking for it on a late Sat. afternoon. I think Jeff at Rose's has a front clip that would work on the cream one from Synness. With your info about the 55 axels, I'm thinking I might used my left-over '69 diffs, springs, everything after I finish the '78 to '69 swap, and build up a driving 40 with the '69 parts. B/W Synness, Rose, And my 69 parts, I think I might be able to swing it. Not sure I need to take on 2 projects at once. Am conflicted with these discoveries and the new 40 bug coursing thru my veins, and actually getting some work done on the 55!
a couple more thoughts as I was cutting the grass.

if I remember that 60 is an 86?? so it has the added spacer on the trans which pushes the T-case that much further back.
If you use the 60 rear axle you could use that E-brake

I was hoping to grab a few interior bits I need, off it before it goes anywhere.

What price are they going to let it go for? he never did give me an answer when I asked him about it a few months ago.

only problem with a bonded title is, you can't sell it for 3 years, and you also need to post a bond for 3 years for the high bluebook value of it.

if you want a 40, might be easier to find one already done. that one in Townsend was still available, also a neighbor close by me has a 74 he'd probably get rid of.

Call if you want to chat.

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