FJ-40 Axle

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Jun 10, 2003
I took some time today to try to dissassemble my new FJ-40 rear axle and try to clean it up. I removed the diff cover no problem, but when I get around front, it wont come off! Do I have to remove the pinion nut and pull the pinion flange off to remove that cover?

Thanks in advance! 8)
not a cover..that's a housing assy.  you have to pull the axles out and then try to remove (it may stick real well from the years of being bolted together). you don't have to remove the pinion nut/flange, but you will be pulling the complete pinion out
Cool, thanks. Its all disassembled now. The previous owner got water in the the axle, and didnt change the oil, so Im having to deal with rust... ::)

There was so many metal shavings around that drain plug, it looked like glitter... :-/
how much play should there be in the gears?
I think in the neighborhood of .007-.008.
Where would the gap be?? Between the pinion and ring gear? ???
Yep, You will have to set a dial indicator on the ring gear and the move the pinion and see how much backlash you have.

Hope this helps.
Thanks. Ill have to see if O'Reilly's has one I can use. (Im friends with almost EVERYBODY that works at O'Reillys)

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