Fixing rusted side panel

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Sep 6, 2009
Making a short list of things I can fix on the FJ this spring. You can see the rust. Looking for the quickest way to stop the rust and fix the crud. I was thinking about taking a sawzall and cutting a 2 inch strip where the side fender meets the tub. Wire feed in a new 2 inch strip. How do I connect the new metal to the tub so the same thing doesn't happen again. How is the tub connected to the fender? Looks like it will just fall off. Was this tack welded stock?
why dont you start by grinding it down and seeing how deep it is. maybe you wont have to replace. then put some rust inhiberter on it to stop further rusting then fix. if the holes are little you can build up with weld and grind down. then primer and paint. its not that big a project. ifs its all the way through and to big to weld then replace with a little piece
Based on your picture, you probably have more rust hiding under that diamond plate, under the hard top along the top of the quarter and your rear sill is probably shot as well. If this is the case, I would pick up some new quarters and rear sill for starters.
You cant stop that rust you need to cut it out well into some good metal.
The rust always appears at the spot welds andmigrates outward it will be on both sides of the fender.
You also have it down on the seam between the rocker and the fender that will take off on you also.
Planning to peel about a 12 inch strip. Then do whatever it takes on the tub to fix. I would expect to replace some of the tub 90 angle. I can see rust bulging in between the fender and tub. The rear sill and floor is shot. I was going to fix that first. Hope to cut out the floor in place and weld in a new piece.
my 2 cents! Replace it with a well made reproduction. I will be doing the same real soon to mine since mine has a small bondo city back there. :crybaby:
Might consider tack welding some small box tubing to tie everything together prior to cutting out any large sections. This is especially true if your rear deck and sill are already wasted. This practice will tend to keep the quarter panels, rear door openings, etc. in proper alignment. It would be less than a good day to do a bunch of body work just to find that the roof, doors or other pieces no longer fit!
Go to the tech section and print out the chassis/body work dimensions for your series. pencil in your dim.s as measured prior to beginning. Reference these as you go to maintain proper fit.
Start a build thread so those going down the same path with similar (or less) experience can benefit.
air-powered nibbler or shears...nice and quick neat cuts. No gas or expensive gear needed.

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