fixed center lockers, sort of????

Jun 17, 2005
So I installed the CDL switch today and previously swapped the two indicator switches on the transfer case since the front one was bad and the rear one was good. I shorted the pins on the front switch connector to verify that the instrument cluster light would illuminate. It did. So when I pushed the CDL switch, nothing happened and I could not hear any relays click.

So I disasembled the center diff lock relay which is located to the left of your right foot in the kick panel. I tested each relay and figured out that all three relays were working.

The problem was that I was not getting 12v output to the center diff lock motor, which is pin4 Green/red and pin 1 Green.

I found that if I grounded either pin 10 Green/black or pin 5 Green/yellow the relay would click and I could hear the center diff lock motor running.

Once I manually locked the center diff by grounding pin 10, I was able to lock both my front and rear lockers.

Yahoo, everything works sort of.

I am guessing that there is a bad ground at the center diff lock motor which is pin 4 White/black. I have not verified this, but will crawl under it tonight.

Anyone else have this problem?

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