Fitting late seats into a early (1970) 40

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May 26, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA
My 1970 40 currently has some seriously ugly seats for a Mazda MPV van. I've been looking to install something a little nicer and have read all the threads on seat swaps that I could locate. But what about using bucket seats from a later model cruiser? There aren't that many Cruisers in this area, so I can't just go and check the different ways they were mounted. My '70 has the tool box bin under the drivers seat and gas tank under the passenger side. Which year model seats (if any) can I install without getting into serious custom fabbing of mounting hardware?
I installed 74 seats into a 68 with out much trouble. 73 thru 78 are the easiest. After 78 the floor changed in teh front of the tub and would require more mods. Used all the seat brackets from the the buckets seats. cut the side of the tool box next to the transmission hump for the seat bracket. On the driver's side I used rear hard top corner brace to move the left front side bracket out side the tool box. The bolts in the back have to go all the way thru the boxed section of the floor used good grade bolts and sheave it thru the box section using good fender washers on the bottom. Don't want it coming loose in a accident

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