First Trip of the Year! 1/28/06 - CHINA WALL

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Sep 28, 2003
Alright, for everyone who didint Make it to the Meeting, We have planned the first Snow run!

1/28/06 Saterday Meet at 8:30 / Leave at 9:00 am

Western Gas Station on HWY 24 Right as you enter Town

It was my understanding we where going to China Wall,

It will be a Blast! .:bounce: :bounce2:

Andy (Minisrule) is leading..

Here is some Info on the Trail
and a recent Trip report
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isotel said:
It was my understanding we where going to China Wall, But the Website Indicates Chinamans Gulch..
I thought it was China Wall as well. I didn't have a chance today to check with Darryl (the web master) about it. I wanted to mention the upcoming runs in the newsletter. I'll see about clearing this up tomorrow.
So... How was it?? Pics.. If you need somone to post them E-mail them to me

A buddy of mine Saw everyone on his way skiing.. sould like it was a good turnout!
It was a good turn out. We had 7 trucks. There was enough snow on the ground to make the trail interesting, and we did a little exploring at the end of the day. I think total there were about 250-300 pictures taken. I have 138 myself. I'll see about getting some up on my site in the next couple of days.
Nice pics!

Not to hijack but here's some pics from last weekend up here in MN

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