First time Knuckle Rebuild

Mar 24, 2006
Ok...i just got back from picking up my "new" 89 FJ62

Made the 3000 mile trip without the slightest hiccup...seattle to cleveland...rolled 150,000 on the odometer just as i got home.

Along the way though, i did notice the telltale signs that the knuckle seals are pretty much done.

I have done my searching due-dillegence on the procedure and many thanks to Jim Phillips and to Morgan for their write-ups on it.

I'm going to order the parts and get everything together...i'm psyched...this will be the first time i've done this and i am eager to get in there and really learn how the hubs and birfs work etc.

i'll try and take pics as i go along and post em up

once i finish the 62 i'm going to do the same for the FJ40

Probably wouldn't be doing this if it werent for Mud ...:beer:
Sep 7, 2006
Denver, CO
Here are a Few pointers from a guy who is also pretty new at this, and just finished the knuckles.

- buy a box of latex gloves.

- Brass drifts are the easiest way to get out pressed in races, and cone washers.

- Use the old bearing race to hit the hammer against to get the new race seated.

The rebuild kit comes with new shims that replace the old ones that go below the knuckle arm and bearing cap ( on top and on bottom of the knuckle) There is a spacer that you need to re-use and then the shim. The THICKER one is the spacer. Keep it and re-use it.
Jan 1, 2007
South FL
I just compleated my first last weekend it was a learning experance. Tip number one do not forget that dam felt and rudder washer before you put the housing back togeather ;p ;p DOOOO. But all in all it went great and Morgans write up helped alot. Brass drift set from sears will be your best friend along with a nice piece of red oak(hard wood). I bought my kit from E-Bay nice kit with koyo bearings. Good luck and my your supply of papper towel never wear out.:cheers:
Mar 29, 2006
Suffolk, VA
Cone washers: rotate washer to be removed to 12 o'clock position (after removing outer locking hub) put hand in front of cone washer, smack top of hub with ball peen hammer. Washer will shoot out of hub into your hand. Mine did just that on each side!!
Feb 11, 2004
Big D
What are some other signs besides the obvious oil leak that your knuckles needs to be rebuilt?

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