first time in mud, land cruiser is my childhood sweetheart

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May 4, 2010
aliso viejo california
hello folks my name is dy from orange county ca and i would like to introduce myself. its started when i was 10 years old when i get fascinated by this land cruisers,, my grand parents had beach resorts in the philippines and everytime the family goes there traveling with 8 different cars for the summer vacation ,all of the cars got burried in the sand, we have no choice but to shovel and dig the tires out, and drive near the shore where the hard surface of the sands are and travel for about 2 miles to reach the place, after that summer vacation my grand parents decided to get an fj40 1979 to be used by the family if ever we need to tow a car from the sand or any hazzards,, as a 10 years old boy i was impressed by this cruisers how they perfomed and ever since i wanted to own 1 ,, finally i got 1 for myself it is a white 1997 fzj80 collectors edition with factory lockers and car is in superb and in immaculate condition all original parts and i preffered it stock,, the car is just park in the garage for my viewing enjoyment..he..he.. i am very happy with it.
Awesome :D

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